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Indoor and Outdoor Ideas to Simplify and Beautify

In this episode, we travel to North Carolina to showcase beautiful designs for every room of your home using natural stone products. You’ll also learn about your financial options for mortgages —especially for millennials —and how to make some great energy choices for your family or your business in order to control the cost of […]

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Rev Your Engines for the Automotive Special

It seems like we spend half our lives in our car, so we need as much help as we can. This episode of Designing Spaces is devoted to keeping your car — and you, by extension — in tip-top shape. We get great DIY upgrades for your brakes and get a glimpse at some great […]

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Fall Car Care Tips and Tricks from the Pros

On today’s show we’re giving all the tips and tricks you need to get your vehicle in tip top shape, starting with Power Stop. Expert Kris Miller shows us in simple, layman’s terms, what happens when your brakes are replaced, and how you can upgrade to high performance brakes without having to be a gear […]

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All About Your Home

On today’s show, we’re giving you all the tips and tricks to help pests out of your home — and your energy bill low — with Great Stuff products! All too often, people are having trouble with powered yard tools. Now, thanks to Merotech you can make your yard work greener! Lithium-ion and battery powered […]

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