Affinity Partnerships

Tips for Buying a Home

John Alexander and David Villarreal from Affinity Partnerships give us the straight talk on home loans and mortgages. In this segment of Mortgage 101 we finish our mini-series with a review and some additional sage advice to put anyone thinking about buying a home on the right track. Topics cover approval steps, pulling finances and […]

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Fire Station Gets a Major Makeover

We’re going to take you inside the life of the fire station as it undergoes a much-needed upgrade. As part of the makeover, the firefighters will learn the importance of planning early for their financial future, along with learning a thing or two about the benefits of having life insurance. The fire station will also […]

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Mortgage Tips You Should Know: Preparing to Buy a Home

In this series of tips, mortgage experts from Affinity Mortgage address common roadblocks and questions that may impair or confuse a potential home buyer; someone who may be considering acquiring their dream home, refinancing, thinking about a loan for home improvements, or possibly a reverse mortgage. In this installment, our team of mortgage experts address […]

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Mortgage Tips: How Refinancing Can Help

In this installment of mortgage tips, our team of mortgage experts give a concise rundown of refinancing a home loan. Also, a step-by-step breakdown of the process of refinancing is given in simple to understand bullet points. If you’re thinking about refinancing, this segment can help you make a decision.

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