Kids Spaces

Kids Spaces™ offers solutions for kids’ various ages and stages, from infancy to college. Popular topics include bedroom makeovers, back-to-school savings and family-friendly vacation spots. Parents also get helpful knowledge on health and nutrition, finance and clothes.

Taking Time Out to Relax from the College Life

Host Christina Nicholson from Designing Spaces takes Alex on a field trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, where they receive some relaxation tips from Karyn of HoMedics. Karyn introduces them to the wonders of aromatherapy and HoMedics Ellia line, as well as some of the other fantastic wellness products HoMedics offers. These tools are sure […]

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Off To College – Tips on Staying Healthy

Host Christina Nicholson is serving up some food hacks in the Designing Spaces studio kitchen to help give them an edge on eating healthy. She introduces two, fabulously compact and essential dorm room additions from Magic Chef; demonstrating how easy it is to handle limited space AND time with the right tools and ingredients

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Great Gadgets to Stay Connected on Campus

Host Christina Nicholson introduces incoming college students Alex and Evan to Roland from TESSCO Technologies, a leading wireless communications supplier. Roland has some innovative, space-saving gadgets that’s sure to keep the college freshmen connected on campus.

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Off to College — Big Ideas for Tiny Spaces

Host Christina Nicholson and Jen from Dorel Home Products give incoming college freshman Alex a tour around a space decked out with home furnishings perfectly suited for small dwellings. Alex learns about great multi-use pieces that uniquely take advantage of available real-estate without compromising on taste. Dorel orchestrates a perfect marriage of form and function […]

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