Debi Marie speaks to Steven Kim, the Vice President and CFO of EcoZenith USA, about a new alternative to conventional plastic. Steven begins by explaining the current environmental issues surrounding conventional plastic such as ocean pollution, the emissions of dioxins during manufacturing and incineration, and plastic’s 1,000 year decomposition rate. However, EcoZenith USA has created an alternative to plastic called PBC (Poly Bio Ceramic). PBC is a high performance polymer made from Calcium Carbonate, a mineral that makes up 4% of the Earth’s crust. The abundance of this raw material makes PBC strong competition for conventional plastic because PBC is non-toxic, decomposes 100% within 18-24 months, is microwave safe, and resists heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently, local and state governments in the United States are working with the research and development company in South Korean to create manufacturing compound plants in the United States.