Amy and Todd are getting into DIY, and are ready to take on a room by room upgrade, adding an upscale look to their interiors. What better way than to add crown moulding. Remodeling a room using crown moulding is an excellent DIY project that can bring a whole new feeling of elegance to a space. Enter Renae Crill and Joe Wettstein from Woodgrain Millwork to give helpful tips and suggestions to enhance your room with crown moulding and have a problem-free install. Joe shows Amy and Todd the tools needed to complete the job, including how to use a miter. By using Finished Elegance® pre-finished crown moulding, no painting is required.  The project gets underway, and our DIYer homeowners soon find they have installed a chair rail in one room, judges panels in the dining room and are now ready to take on crown moulding for the dining room ceiling. Another DIY project is completed to perfection, thanks to your friends at Designing Spaces.

Don’t Be Scared of A Little Moulding

Moulding can add beauty and visual appeal, changing the look and feel of a room

There is a certain satisfaction in tackling a home improvement project. Looking at a room, or yard or deck and saying “if only it had…..” then deciding to take on the project yourself is something many homeowners experience. There are a lot of reasons why people set out to tackle various projects themselves, they could be trying to save money, but more often than not they are a weekend DIY warrior.

If you are a weekend DIY warrior, chances are strong that you have spent many hours in the aisles at your local home improvement emporium and pouring over tips and tricks of the trade on the Internet. You probably even have a DIY board on Pinterest as well. It’s ok to admit it; there are a lot of us out there.

DIY projects can be a lot of fun for the average person without a background in construction. They can also be time consuming, exhausting and expensive disasters. Some projects are on the easy side, painting a room for instance. Then you have varying levels of difficulty. Fixing things around the house, maybe even replacing some tiles on the roof — all of these can begin to become a bit more challenging.

Then there are the projects that have such a high level of difficulty most homeowners’ fear even trying.

Installing decorative moulding is one of those types of projects. Moulding can add beauty and visual appeal, changing the look and feel of a room greatly. Installing it has been a challenge to the average home DIY-er, but Finished Elegance® from Woodgrain Millwork can make the task of installing moulding that much easier.

Finished Elegance ® requires no painting, taking a time consuming and messy part of the job away not to mention saving on the cost of paint. The silky smooth finish looks great and adds appeal to any room. Finished Elegance® is easy to install using standard moulding installation tools, and it is actually more durable then standard wood moulding.

With the ease of installation cutting down time and expense you can get even more creative with your moulding project, from chair rail to crown moulding there are different options for you to express a room’s individuality.

Visit to learn about some of the many options you have as well as view installation tips from the pros.

In a short time you can change the appearance of a room all on your own. People will think you had a professional do it. As a weekend DIY warrior you can be proud of that room with the new moulding, and start thinking about which room can get “moulded” next.

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