Green Spaces

Think Green, Save Green, Live Green

Designing Spaces - Green SpacesThink Green™ helps increase awareness about our environment, with the mission to help viewers think green, save green and live a greener lifestyle.

The show partners with environmental experts, green associations and organizations and the world’s leading corporations to help make a difference to our planet. Our objective is to re-educate, re-think, and reconsider the environment as part of our economy, health, and community — which all must work together effectively to create a “greener lifestyle.”

Designing Spaces Think Green answers many questions regarding homeowners’ misconceptions and offers candid advice for families who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. What is the best way to make your home more energy efficient? What can a family recycle besides glass, cans and paper? “Think Green” provides these answers and more…..with clear-cut solutions to help viewers take on remodeling projects, retro fits, the benefits of  “going green to save green”, while inspiring them to lessen their own carbon footprint.

A healthier environment means healthier lives for all of us. Think Green hopes to inspire viewers to take care of our home— our ultimate living space, planet earth!