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Enhancing Your Multimedia Experience; Solutions for the Connected Family

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The Star of the Show:
Netgear, Inc

Designing Spaces Correspondent Paul Chambers meets David Henry from Netgear to discover some very helpful digital gadgetry. Netgear’s products are designed for easy installation, are compatible with the existing connected home network, and they will enable families to easily access and enjoy the world of online entertainment. David shows how to easily bring the internet to your HDTV, see online sporting events on TV, controlled from your laptop, and internet adapters for gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. Very cool!

Enhancing Your Multimedia Experience!

Enhancing Your Multimedia Experience!Wireless internet access is becoming common for everyone in the household. But more and more people now have products in their living room and family room that can also provide new and fun experiences when connected to the internet. Like, Blu-Ray players, HDTVs, and gaming consoles like Xbox 360. The new AV Series products from NETGEAR® make it very easy, for people to connect those devices to the internet so they can enjoy movies, social networking, and online gaming.

NETGEAR® offers an innovative home theater setup that can eliminate the uncomfortable “sitting in front of your computer monitor” mode—and allow you to google right from your own couch.

NETGEAR® has the “connection” to fit your needs:

• Universal Wi-Fi Internet Adapter---WNCE2001
Connects any electronics device with a network port to the internet.

• Powerline AV 200 Adapter Kit -- XAVB2001
Extends an internet connection to any room in the house, by using the existing electrical outlets.

• Push2TV --- PTV1000
Allows you to wirelessly project your notebook computer’s screen to your television. Browse the web, watch a video on your TV!

• Digital Entertainer Blu
Allows you to play your own videos, pictures, and music from computers on your TVs.

NETGEAR® products are designed for easy installation, and are compatible with the existing connected home network. They also enable families to easily access and enjoy the world of online entertainment.

NETGEAR® understands that creating a home theater network can seem overwhelming and technical, but in fact Netgear® AV Series products are designed for easy installation, and are compatible with most existing connected networks which enables you to receive and enjoy the world of online entertainment.

Easy set up, no software to install or passwords to remember. You’ve got fast speeds that even work where wireless coverage is not the best, reaching areas where wireless may have challenges.

From HDTV, Blu-Ray players, to gaming consoles— NETGEAR® has your ‘hookup’ solution.

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