Spaces of Hope

Designing Spaces, Spaces of Hope: Making a Difference in the Lives We Touch

Designing Spaces - Spaces of HopeDesigning Spaces of Hope is dedicated to raise awareness about distinct causes that relate to American children and families who are in need of safe, healthy, and loving environments.

Spaces of Hope visits unique places across the nation and makes over special spaces that impact lives. Our journey includes hospitals, foster care agencies, transitional facilities, homeless shelters, aging communities and our next door neighbors who need our help.

The “Designing Spaces Dream Team” roster includes television producers, educators, medical experts, celebrities, sports legends, country music bands, military heroes, world class organizations and corporations, volunteers who work endlessly, and of course all the children and families who are the true stars of the show.

Designing Spaces of Hope: Military Makeover is a three part episode series featuring legendary actor R. Lee “The Gunny” Ermey as the host on Lifetime TV.  Designing Spaces, Spaces of Hope partners with nationally recognized brands to remodel and redecorate a veteran in need of a home makeover.  The Military Makeover special is dedicated to saluting mean and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our country.

Join Designing Spaces of Hope as we make a difference in the lives we touch by designing spaces for positive living and a place to call home!