With summer comes the enjoyment of the great outdoors, even if it is only the backyard. Ah yes, the patio lifestyle, kicking back, sipping a cool drink, eating meals hot off the grill. And then there’s those unwanted guests — mosquitoes! Michael and Carmen are homeowners plagued by mosquitoes in their back yard. An understanding of mosquitoes, and how they reproduce, thanks to Stanton E. Cope Ph.D, Terminix Director of Entomology & Regulatory Services, reveals the first steps to be taken to begin eliminating the pests. Richard Russell, Terminix Service Technician demonstrates the actual service offered by Terminix to eliminate mosquito problems. At the root of the treatments is a solution called Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait, and is only available from Terminix. The solution is applied to non-flowering vegetation in places mosquitoes are found. It is safe around the kids and pets. With the monthly treatments, a family like Michael and Carmen’s can take ownership of the yard at any time.