Home Improvement

From upgrading your gutters and repairing your roof to bathroom renovations and staging your home for a sale, learn more about carrying out necessary repairs and maintenance tasks – whether you own a newly built home, a condo in a maintained community, or a fixer-upper.

Creating a Cleaner Home From the Ground Up with Dyson

The Rudes, a busy family of three, struggle to keep their modern, two-story home spotless. Having the right tools, such as a Dyson vacuum, makes all the difference.

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Xfinity Home Provides 24/7 Monitoring & Emergency Response

Many products say they provide home security, but unlike Xfinity Home, most don’t provide 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. Whether you’re home or away, their award-winning central monitoring system keeps an eye on your house. Xfinity’s Executive Director of Product Management Derrick Dicoi is back with more valuable home security tips to give you […]

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With Xfinity Home, You Can Customize to Fit Your Needs

One of the great benefits of Xfinity® Home is that you can customize your system to fit your family's needs.

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Builders FirstSource Provides Quality High-Impact Windows

As another hurricane season approaches, now is the time to replace those old windows with new energy-efficient, high impact windows.

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