Home Improvement

From upgrading your gutters and repairing your roof to bathroom renovations and staging your home for a sale, learn more about carrying out necessary repairs and maintenance tasks – whether you own a newly built home, a condo in a maintained community, or a fixer-upper.

Upgrade Your Home with Builders FirstSource

A growing family calls for some home upgrades! Watch along as a young Florida family transforms their guest bedroom into a charming nursery with the help of Builders First Source. 

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Perfect Aire Makes for a Cool, Allergy-Free Home for Summer

Perfect Aire systems also give you the comfort and convenience of central air without the expensive cost of duct installation.

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Philips Hue Smart Lighting Seamlessly Transforms Homes

On this segment of Designing Spaces, Mike from Phillips Hue transforms a home through new lighting, creating the right ambiance for every moment.

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Intigral Provides Innovative Window Solutions

Forget about traditional blinds! It's all about blinds between your glass windows. When it comes to these innovative shades, Intigral has a solution for every room and every use.

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