Spaces of Hope

Spaces of Hope focuses renovations and remodels on living spaces that serve the community at large. From special needs schools to housing for children suffering from serious illnesses, Spaces of Hope receive a much-needed helping hand to carry out their altruistic missions.

Fresh Coat Painters Refreshes the Oscar Mike Foundation Compound

Fresh Coat Painters is providing a highly skilled team of painters and tons of paint to the Oscar Mike Foundation compound.

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Designing Spaces Continues Renovations at the Oscar Mike Foundation Compound

On this special episode of Designing Spaces: Spaces of Hope, we’re continuing our work at the Oscar Mike Foundation compound, a home base for disabled veterans.

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Value City Donates Furniture to the Oscar Mike Compound

Our interior designer Jen is busy at Value City Furniture, hand-picking every single piece of furniture for the veterans.

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Honored American Veterans Afield Visits the Oscar Mike Foundation Compound

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) serves more than 10,000 disabled veterans and their families. Now they're ready to give the folks at the Oscar Mike Foundation compound a taste of what they do.

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