From home theaters and wireless sound systems to the super-connected “smart” home, technology in the home is advancing at a lightning-fast pace. With endless options to control and automate the home, from security and climate to appliances and entertainment, Designing Spaces has tech solutions that offer convenience and peace of mind.

iDevices Offers Smart Home Technology For Families

A smart home does more than just connect you–it works for you. That's why we're learning about iDevices.

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Dayco Supplies Essential Engine Products Across the Globe

The next time your car runs into trouble, look out for Dayco, a global leader in essential engine products.

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Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil Ensures Top Engine Performance

Learn about oil changes and car maintenance with Shanna Simmons, a mechanical engineer at Pennzoil. 

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Hum by Verizon Takes Car Connectivity to the Next Level

We're turning to the experts at Verizon to keep us connected on the road. Cue Hum by Verizon, an integrated system that assists and empowers drivers with helpful safety features.

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