From home theaters and wireless sound systems to the super-connected “smart” home, technology in the home is advancing at a lightning-fast pace. With endless options to control and automate the home, from security and climate to appliances and entertainment, Designing Spaces has tech solutions that offer convenience and peace of mind.

Cut the Cord with Sling TV

It's time to cut the cord! We're breaking free from old TV and transitioning to Sling TV instead. Here's why.

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Stay Safe Online with South Florida Cyber Security Investigations

With cyber-hacking on the rise, South Florida Cyber Security Investigations (SFCSI) explains how to keep your systems safe. 

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Sound United Provides Cutting-Edge Audio Systems

Learn about Sound United, an industry leader in immersive sound systems with smart home technology.

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iDevices Offers Smart Home Technology For Families

A smart home does more than just connect you–it works for you. That's why we're learning about iDevices.

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