Briggs & Stratton

A Quiet, Compact Generator for Power Outages

Keeping your family and property safe, secure and comfortable at all times is a high priority for all of us. When a power outage occurs, it’s a major disruption. Portable generators can be a great solution for backup power, but traditional generators have their drawbacks. Briggs and Stratton developed the the Q6500 portable generator to address […]

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Top Solutions for Inside and Outside the Home

Whether you are buying or renting a home, it is always good to have options. In this episode, we will show you a renting alternative that gives you a feeling of home ownership. Plus: Beautify your garden with vibrant colors, add style and function to your backyard, mortgage options 101,  cleaning your home with versatility, […]

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Spa Care, Rental Homes, Insurance For Cyclists

Full Episode: Spa Care, Rental Homes, Insurance For Cyclists – This episode of Designing Spaces takes you from DIY to insurance to living the good life of rental properties. Anyone looking to raise the bar in rest and recreation, and enjoy a new found sense of community will enjoy the dipping into today’s show. First, […]

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Standby Generators for Today’s Homeowner

A review of standby generators and how they work – Eric Loferski talks about standby generators; how they serve a household at a time of emergency when the power is off for an extended period. Eric shows us how these natural gas or propane powered engines are electrically tied to the house, and automatically start […]

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