On this episode of Designing Spaces, we’re offering tips and tricks for homeowners everywhere.

Amber and William have a new baby on the way, which is why they’re in the market for an upgraded home with more space. Through Zillow, Amber and William meet Laurie Reader, one of Zillow’s best real estate agents. Stay tuned as she helps them find their dream home!

Choosing the right title company can save you money. Not only that, you have the right to choose a title company that will get you the best deal – and you have the right to pick an independent company, such as Zing Title, that you can trust to handle what is probably the biggest financial transaction of your life.

Kathryn and Vince are a Boomer couple who are starting to think about retirement. Jeng Chiu, a financial professional, talks to them about how annuities may help them generate lifetime income!

Meet Natalie and Brantley, a young couple who are in need of making their home smarter and safer. They meet with Anthony, a tech expert at Samsung, who introduces them to a slate of incredible devices that have the potential to change their lives.